Congrats to the winners of the 9/7/14 Competition

1st Andre Dolle 3
1st Gilles Speter 3
1st Daniel Genini 3
2nd Jill Precheur 2
2nd Gareth Conway 2
3rd Jean-Louis Fournier 1
3rd Denis Precheur 1

Pictures of the event by our own Andre Dolle are here.

Make sure and join us October 5th, 10 am at the Petanquedrome in Balboa Park for a Club BBQ with both Casual and Competitive Petanque matches. Our Club member Xavier Coulomb and owner of Euro Food Depot will be the lunchtime grill master serving up your choice of either two “Toulouse sausages” or two “Merguez, spicy north African lamb sausages”  on a fresh baguette with your favorite condiments. Bring your own beverage. Lunch is $5.00 per sandwich. An array of traditional French products will also be available for purchase to take home. Baguettes provided courtesy of the French Gourmet.

10 am tournament sign in. Pool “A” will be random doubles, $2 entry fee, Top team wins a Club medal or prize.  Pool “B” will be competitive singles 3 ball format, $10 entry fee with cash prizes awarded. You must be signed into pool “B” by 10:15 if you wish to play the singles format.

Congrats to the winners of the 08/03/2014 Random Triples Compettion

Way to go Joan, Andre and Gilles for taking first place. Check out the leader board to see who has the most points for this year!

1st Andre Dolle 3
1st Joan Dolle 3
1st Gilles Speter 3
2nd Troy Allport 2
2nd John Bennet 2
2nd Sumalee Wolff 2
3rd John Roach 1
3rd Gerard Casse 1

3rd                            Stephane Corbel                                    1

Congrats to the winners of the 7/20/2014 Random Doubles/Triples Compettion


1st Troy Allport 3 points
1st Hamilton Allport 3 points
1st Andre Dolle 3 points
2nd Daniel Genini 2 points
2nd Stephane Corbel 2 points
2nd Gareth Conway 2 points
3rd Ann Wolff 1 points
3rd John Bennet 1 points

Check out the leaderboard for the year. There is still time to get in the game and catch the top spot. Compettion Leaderboard